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sergio minnici - SLOWY
Vans Swiss Volcano Tour
sergio minnici - Vans Swiss Volcano Tour
DC_ IT / UK _Pushing Together_ Tour 2013
sergio minnici - DC_ IT / UK _Pushing Together_ Tour 2013
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Sergio Minnici was born in 1979 in Feucthwangen, a small German village close to Norimberga. He was born with a mixed ethnicity from an Italian father and a Spanish mother. His family soon moved from his birthplace in Germany to Madrid. Then they moved to the region of Marche, Italy where they settled down and still currently live. Sergio Minnici was very determined to create videos and really began to hit his stride and get closely involved in the video production world around the year 2000. His introduction to making videos was in his early years, intently filming his passionate skateboarder friends with a small mini dv handycam.
Coincidentally, skateboarding has been his biggest passion since the early 1990s, when the sport was only popular in more hardcore underground groups. Sergio Minnici has witnessed the sport grow from it's infant years to the modern street-influenced and popular subculture of today. This hobby of filming soon developed and changed drastically into his serious passion, transitioning him into realms outside the skateboarding world, allowing him to record several new genres and experiences.
Simultaneously, he started to attend the art academy in his hometown which led to his completion of a 4 year degree in multimedia visual arts. Sergio Minnici now is a professional Filmmaker-Director, and has travelled professionally and worked successfully for the world recognized Nike Brand "SB" Italy Skateboards and other major action sports companies. He also currently collaborates with an assortment of other companies, i.e. private work, video consulting, commercial production for advertising agencies, institutional videos, and also the TV format.
In the mean time Sergio Minnici has had the opportunity to deal with many different creative methods and styles of film making, constantly looking for challenging experiences.
Sergio Minnici has an enthusiastic and energetic approach in all of his work, never forgetting to have a great time and to keep a sharp sense of humor. Understanding that being adaptive is so important, Sergio Minnici keeps a 360 degree approach- knowing both sides of the camera lens, which keeps his door and mind open to any new projects or experiences. Sergio Minnici has also been filming weddings and engagement parties. He has incorporated a more non-traditional and modern approach to these projects, while naturally keeping the important values and sentiments of the classic and old-world intact.

This passion and curiosity push Sergio Minnici more and more through travel and new experiences, treasuring how people live and the environment around him...because, as he says, "you know, in this world you can never stop learning".

Sergio Minnici è nato nel 1979 a Feucthwangen una cittadina tedesca alle porte di Norimberga da padre italiano e madre spagnola. Dalla Germania la famiglia si è spostata in Spagna a Madrid per poi stabilirsi definitivamente in Italia nell'entroterra Marchigiano. Sergio Minnici ha iniziato ad avvicinarsi al mondo dei Videomakers nel 2000. Inizia a filmare con una piccola videocamera mini dv i propri amici in skateboard, la sua più grande passione che coltiva fin dai primi anni 90. Presto anche l'hobby del video diventa passione vera e propria, portandolo a sperimentare fuori dal mondo dello skateboard. Contemporaneamente riesce a seguire un corso quadriennale in arti visive multimediali all'accademia di belle arti di Macerata.
Sergio Minnici è ora un Filmaker-Director professionista, segue Nike Italia per lo skateboard e gli action sport. Collabora con diverse realtà, dal privato alle aziende fino a partnership con agenzie pubblicitarie per la regia e realizzazione di spot, format televisi e video istituzionali. Allo stesso tempo ha avuto modo di affrontare durante gli anni esperienze particolari di filmaking dimostrando la massima disponibilità e professionalità.
Con questo spirito ed entusiasmo Sergio Minnici affronta il filmaking, un approccio a 360° che lascia le porte aperte a nuove esperienze e sperimentazioni. Anche il reportage di matrimoni l'ha accompagnato fin dall'inizio, stanco del vecchio stile, Sergio Minnici è arrivato a creare un prodotto assolutamente moderno e di alta qualità, in linea con le esigenze e tendenze del momento.

La passione e la curiosità lo spingono in esperienze sempre nuove, facendo tesoro di ciò che vive e lo circonda...perché si sa, in questo mestiere non si finisce mai di imparare.
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May 7, 2013
February 20, 2013
December 7, 2012
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